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​FOUNDATION TRAINING — it is never too soon to start your young horse on the path of success and providing a solid foundation is essential to all riding disciplines.  This program starts with ground training and equine behavior principles to allow your horse to understand each step as they progress to under saddle work.   Skills your horse will learn include lunging, long lining, giving to pressure, being groomed and tacked nicely, standing for mounting, and being relaxed at the walk and trot. Horses of all ages can benefit from Foundation Training. RE-TRAINING / PROBLEM HORSES — many horses have had a rough start or have developed undesirable habits that most amateur owners find difficult to fix.  Retraining could be as simple as working with an off the track thoroughbred to learn rhythm, submission, and straightness, or teaching them to jump.  Problem horses may have gotten that way from pain or negative experiences, so all problem horses are given a complete vet exam to be sure they aren’t in physical discomfort.  Problem horses that we address include all jumping issues (stopping, running out, rushing), bucking, resistant to the bit, too quick or strong, and others by request.


Specialized Training and Rehabilitation for the Performance Horse

HORSE LAY-UP & REHABILITATION — this facility supports all types of equine rest and rehab, including complete stall rest all the way to large pasture turn-out.  This is the perfect location for your performance horse to recover from major or minor injuries that other facilities aren’t able or willing to care for.  Fox Valley has an updated barn and fencing for safety and private turnout in small paddocks as needed.  Our paddocks and pastures are groomed and maintained regularly to assure your horse is in the healthiest environment and manure is cleared off of them weekly. Larger stalls, including individual walk out paddocks are available for those horses needing stall rest and we can take care of any hand-walking or other special requirements needed. Services include wound care, wrapping, injections as needed, medication administration, private turn out, and any other special care needed.

Some of the special cases we have worked with include laminitis, cellulitis, torn ligaments, torn tendons, broken splint bone, wound infections, sarcoma, colic and surgery recovery.


Other Services

Amy Siebert Ewendt is the owner and trainer at Fox Valley Stables.  She brings over 20 years of experience in riding, training, instructing, competing and managing international equestrian centers.  Her certifications include British Horse Society stages in stable management, riding, and training as well as a Bachelor of Science degree in Equine Science with a specialization in Equine Training from Delaware Valley College.  Amy also attended Hartpury College in England and worked at the therapy center for horses which focused on major lameness, wound care, and gastro/intestinal research.  Her riding spans across multiple disciplines including hunters, jumpers, dressage, eventing, steeplechasing,and foxhunting. 
FOALING/WEANING SERVICES – Brood mares need a little extra love and care as they get ready to foal and a safe place for them and their new offspring.  Fox Valley has a foaling stall available and the ability to keep your mares happy and healthy as they get close to their time.  Staff will sleep in the barn on nights near the mare’s due date to be able to assist as needed.  Foals will get handled and learn to interact with humans nicely and learn basic skills around leading, grooming, and respect.  When it’s time to wean your young ones, we have a safe and friendly environment for the foals to begin to grow up after they no longer need the mare for milk and comfort.  Weanlings will get lots of free time to be young and happy as well as basic foundation training on the ground.

RIDING or EXERCISE MAINTENANCE — Not everyone is able to ride every day. That’s what we are here for.  If your horse is able to be ridden, we will take them out for schooling or pleasure rides based on your schedule.  Hand walking is included for hoses unable to be ridden. We specialize in eventing, hunters, jumpers, dressage, race horses, steeplechasers, fox hunters and pleasure horses.

BOARDING- We have a few stalls available for boarding- we also offer discounts for owners with multiple horses.  Our full board is stall board only and provides your horse all the benefits of a small private facility.  All grooming, handling, holding for vet/farrier, blanketing, feeding, stall cleaning, and turnout requests are included in the cost.  Trailer parking is also available.  Riding/exercising is included 2x per month at no additional cost and any additional services are available upon request.  Full care stall board starts at $700 per month, no field board available

LESSONS- Amy offers limited private or semi private lessons in hunters,  eventing, jumping, equitation, or dressage.  All lessons build on classical training principles to create the best connection between horse and rider.  Lesson horses are available at Fox Valley or you can trailer in your own horse.  Private lessons are $60 for an hour or $40 for half hour.    Lesson packages are available at a discount. Trailering and training packages at shows and events are available on a limited basis starting at $150 per day.

Other services offered upon request. We can accommodate almost all special requests, contact us for more information.